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Tooth Gems

Whether you prefer a subtle glimmer or a bold statement, I have the perfect gems and 18KT+ charms to match your vision. Your smile is your canvas, and I'm here to make it shine!

Butterfly Set
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My Approach

At Inked Honey, I've perfected a special tooth gem process that combines the industry's leading application methods with the best dental adhesives on the market. Using the finest 18KT+ certified gold charms, as well as lead-free Swarovski crystals, I craft stunning designs that reflect your individuality. Each gem is carefully attached to the surface of your tooth, creating a personalized masterpiece that complements your style.

Elevate Your Smile With Tooth Gems

Easy Maintenance & No Down-Time

After 24-48 hours from when the gems are cured, you can safely eat any foods you want! To keep your tooth gems blingin' and bangin', it's important to maintain proper oral hygiene so be sure to read your Post-Care Instructions provided to you. Treat your tooth gems with the same care you show to the rest of your teeth. Regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups will keep your gems (and the rest of your smile) shining brightly.

Non-Invasive and Temporary Beauty

Tooth gems are a non-invasive, semi-permanent solution that won't harm your teeth. When you're ready for a change, these gems can be easily removed by any licensed dentist or by my trusted DDS partner, without causing damage to your tooth's surface or enamel. There is zero pain and only beauty to gain.

Dentist-Trained Application Process

What sets my application process apart is my unwavering commitment to quality. I have undergone extensive training under the guidance of an experienced Doctor of Dental Surgery and married the best application techniques in the industry to give you the best results.

High Quality Standards and Products

Inked Honey exclusively uses top-grade dental adhesives, guaranteeing the secure and long-lasting placement of your gems, designed to last. I prioritize your well-being, and my application process is designed to ensure your oral health throughout. I exclusively use the highest-standard dental adhesives and products provided by my DDS partner.


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