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Inked Honey offers non-laser, non-saline permanent make-up removal to expertly restore your authentic look. My removal process is meticulously crafted to gently extract tattoo pigments, ensuring your comfort and delivering exceptional results.


Expect effective removal methods and corrections customized to your unique needs. My commitment lies in delivering solutions that suit your skin type and condition, backed by years of expertise and innovative techniques. Trained by Kim Zen of Zen Derma Studio, I possess trusted techniques to remove previous work, whether to restore your natural beauty or prepare for future permanent make-up services. During your consultation, I'll evaluate your skin, answer all questions, go over expectations, and a procedure plan to help you achieve your goals.

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Experience my removal technique, carefully designed to extract tattoo pigment with minimal discomfort and maximal results. As a certified specialist in non-laser, non-saline removal, I offer a safe path to restoring your natural look through Undo Removal. What sets Undo apart is its powerful solution, formulated with Bentonite and activated charcoal, delivering superior effectiveness compared to saline removal. This revolutionary method gently lifts pigment to the surface, progressively lightening it during the healing process. There's no risk of scarring or hair burning, as seen in laser removal, and it's notably less painful than both saline and laser alternatives.

Redefine Your Look at Inked Honey With My 3-Step Removal Process

Step 1: Deracination Serum

Kickstarting the process, this serum incorporates natural actives like bentonite, activated charcoal, aloe leaf extract, and hydrolyzed sodium hyaluronate. It awakens dormant ink, pulling it to the surface while hydrating deeper layers. The result? Smoother, quicker healing with improved elasticity. The extraction process removes all pigments from any skin tone without over traumatizing the skin.

Step 3: Healing Mask

Soothing irritated skin, the healing microcurrent mask promotes quicker healing, resulting in smoother, scar-free skin. Reduced recovery time and faster between-session healing (usually 4 weeks compared to 6-8 weeks) contribute to speedier results. Typically, 5-8 sessions are sufficient, with a healing period of 4-5 weeks per session. Each session takes approximately 90 minutes.

Step 2: Lifting Clay Mask

My unique clay mask acts as a magnet, binding toxins and any additional surface ink. Centuries-old calcium bentonite clay detoxifies and enhances skin tone, making it an integral part of the removal process. This advanced technique extracts tattoo pigment, and the duration varies based on tattoo size and saturation. Multiple sessions might be needed for desired results. 

Unparalleled Results

My commitment extends to the products I use. At Inked Honey, I exclusively use vegan and cruelty-free inks, such as renowned brands like World Famous Ink, Eternal Ink, and Everafter. I carefully select pre- and post-care products that are safe, hypoallergenic, and ideal for even the most sensitive skin.


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