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Elevating beauty, one honey at a time.

Inked Honey uses the power of artistry and creativity to transform beauty with vegan inks and the finest metals and gems for all your permanent make-up and tooth jewelry needs.

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Catch Inked Honey at the following locations and events!

Sofia, Bulgaria | Cat Shot Tattoo

September 8 -- October 9, 2023

Sofia, Bulgaria | Bulgarian Tattoo Expo

September 16--17, 2023

B.C. | Tess Marti Tattoo

November 23--26, 2023

Angela Dancheva

About Inked Honey

My goal at Inked Honey is simple: to help you look and feel your absolute best. My specialization revolves around the art of enhancing beauty through tooth gem applications and permanent make-up techniques that include precision-perfect permanent brows, lip blush and neutralization, and corrective permanent make-up removals. 


I have a passion for crafting results that compliment your unique aesthetics. Utilizing exclusively vegan, non-toxic, and premium inks, along with exquisite 18KT+ gold gems and Swarovski crystals, I am committed to using the finest inks and gems that are ethically sourced with care to our environment.


Having been trained by some of the world's best permanent make-up artists like Tess Marti and Julie Kim, I fuse industry-leading techniques with my own distinct approach. I take great pride in having received extensive training on tooth gem applications by my DDS partner (Doctor of Dental Surgery) to give you the safest, long-lasting results that you deserve. I'm so honored to be a part of your glow-up journey. I'm excited to collaborate with you, and together, we'll create something truly special!


Angela Dancheva

Founder of Inked Honey



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